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Old World
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Wire Brushed
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Pine Wide Plank Flooring - Ainsworth Zeagler
Ainsworth Zeagler
Owner of Zeagler Farms
Hi Folks! If you are looking for top quality Wide Plank Pine Flooring you have found the right web site. My name is Ainsworth Zeagler, and I believe that Zeagler Farms offers the best product at the best price. All of our flooring comes from southern yellow pine grown right here in the United States. We use southern yellow pine because it has beautiful grain, good strength and durability (It's significantly harder than white pine), and it is very reasonably priced.

Big companies have complicated systems for quality control. Our approach at Zeagler Farms is much simpler. We do everything ourselves - The only thing we outsource is cutting down the trees and transporting them to my workshop. All other work on your flooring, from selecting the tree to the finished product, will be done by me or one of my three hand-picked associates. One hundred percent American labor goes into our products. There is no better quality control system than people who have pride in their work. Please visit our Making Wide Plank Flooring page for more information about how we create the beautiful finished product that goes into your home.

If you need help getting started on a remodeling project, please take a look at Five Steps To Get Started Buying That New Floor from Fabulous Floors Magazine.

My First Wide Plank Flooring

Pine Wide Plank Flooring - Farmhouse
The Zeagler Home
Circa 1883
In 1987 I began a remodeling project on my own home, which is the farmhouse on the left that was built in 1883 by my great-grandfather. I wanted flooring with character, like the heart pine in the original part of the house, which still looked great, even after more than 100 years of use.

You know what they say - If you want it done right, do it yourself. That's the approach I took. It took me 4 months of hard work, but I finally got everything on the flooring just the way I wanted it. I then installed it in the new 1500 square foot addition to the farmhouse, where it looked absolutely beautiful. It fit in perfectly with the rest of the farmhouse. I was very proud of the finished product & showed it off to all my friends and neighbors. They liked it as much as I did.

Zeagler Farms Flooring

Pine Wide Plank Flooring - In the Farmhouse
The New Flooring Was a Perfect Fit in My 1883 Home
Everybody who saw it loved my new flooring, and you can make your own decision based on the photo to the left Realizing I had a quality product that people would love and buy, I started producing wide plank flooring on a limited basis for the general public. By the way, you should never buy any flooring from a guy who doesn't use his own product in his own home. We do all the work in my workshop, which is located outside the town of Sylvania, Georgia. We now offer 5 distinct styles of flooring:
  • Old World
  • Rustic
  • Wire Brushed
  • Oyster Shell
  • Driftwood
Our flooring is available in fixed widths, but nearly all of our sales are mixed widths which give the flooring an old-time look. In the old days, chopping down trees was a lot of work, so they made use of as much of the wood as they possibly could from each tree. The wider pieces come from the center of the log, while the narrower pieces come from nearer the top or bottom.

Our Old World, Wire Brushed and Driftwood styles are 5/8" thick, and a mixed width package consists of:
  • 12% 6" Wide
  • 18% 8" Wide
  • 24% 10" Wide
  • 28% 12" Wide
  • 18% 14" Wide
Our Oyster Shell & Rustic styles are 1/2" thick, and a mixed width package consists of:
  • 12% 8" Wide
  • 18% 10" Wide
  • 24% 12" Wide
  • 28% 14" Wide
  • 18% 16" Wide
All percentages are calculated on a square foot basis.

Old Word Style

Styles & Prices

Rustic Style

Old World

Old World (upper left) style is my favorite - It's the one I have in my home. At $8.50 per square foot, it costs a bit more than my other flooring. That's because there is a lot of work involved in the hand distressing, which produces the little nicks & scratches that give it that old world charm.


The name says it all. Our Rustic (upper right) style has a rustic look that looks great in cabins, log homes, timber frame homes, or one of those big lobbies of a western style lodge with antler chandeliers. At only $6.50 per square foot it's an outstanding value.

Oyster Shell Flooring

Our Oyster Shell (lower left) style is truly unique, with a very light color. If you have light color furniture like in the photo to the left, this style is a perfect fit. It's also a great way to lighten up a room that seems a bit too dark. Its priced at $8.00 per square foot.

Wire Brushed Flooring

Wire brushing (middle right) really brings out the beauty of the Southern Yellow Pine grain. It's priced at $8.00 per square foot.


Our newest style, Driftwood (lower right) is darker than our Oystershell style but lighter than our Old World, Rustic and Wire Brushed styles. It sells for $8.00 per square foot.
Rustic Style Rustic Style
Rustic Style

Installing Zeagler Farms Wide Plank Pine Flooring

Pine Wide Plank Flooring - Farmhouse
Place the Widest Planks Where They are Most Visible
We recommend hiring a professional floor installer in your local area to install your flooring. Any good carpenter should be able to easily install our flooring, and we are willing to answer any questions they may have. Our flooring can be glued down, but we recommend face nailing with antique square cut nails. The nails should be nailed flush, but not countersunk. If you have a concrete surface where you want to place your flooring and room to install a subflooring, we recommend using Huber Advantech. If you are planning to glue down your flooring, make sure to specify half inch thickness instead of our normal five eighths thickness for our Old World, Wire Brushed or Driftwood styles. we don't recommend glueing down planks thicker than one half inch. The standard thickness for our Rustic and Oyster Shell styles is a half inch, so you don't need to ask for a different thickness with them.

There is no set pattern for laying out random width flooring. The highlight of your flooring will be the widest planks, so it makes sense to start with them when you are planning out the floor. Be sure to stagger the end to end joints as shown in the photo to the left.


Zeagler Farms Handcrafted Flooring

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